Week of May 13, 2013: THIS IS THE BIG WEEK!


We have made the arrival time for the Recital 2 p.m. on Sunday, instead of 1:45. First performance, by Brendan Coyne will be at 2:15. Seats will be reserved in front on the left, for easy access to the stage. Here is the program for Sunday: 2013Rec.ProgramRev0513

There is ample seating in Brittany Pointe’s auditorium. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

The address of the facility is 1001 Valley Forge Rd., Lansdale 19446. The entrance is on Valley Forge Rd., just south of the intersection with Allentown Rd. It’s less than a mile north of North Penn High School, on the opposite side of the road.

Dress code: attire is up to the performer and parents. I will be slightly ‘dressed up.’ It adds to the special nature of the occasion, in my opinion. Those who just can’t stand a collar may wear whatever they desire.

After your student’s performance, I invite you to stay for the rest of the recital. There are highlights throughout the afternoon, well worth hearing. The recital will last approximately 90 minutes.

See you there!


Monday, May 13                                               
03:30                                                                     Happy Mother’s Day to all!
04:00  Brendan C.
04:30  Mary Grace C.
05:00  Aaron L.
05:30  Greg L.
06:00  Caroline A.
06:30  Nicole A.
07:00  Brian T.
08:00  Brad S.

Tuesday,  May 14                                       Times in red are available on a permanent basis.
03:00  Daniel J.
Brendan J.                                        Additional times are available by special arrangement.
04:00  Tyler C.  
04:30  Brendan J.

Wednesday, May 15                     
04:30  Michael S.
05:00  Michael S.
05:30  Mary Grace C. 
06:00  Jon H.
06:30  Matt M.
07:00  Andrew G.
07:30  Ian W.
08:00  David M.

Thursday, May 16                                                   
03:30  Caleigh R.
04:30  Nick L.

06:30  Ian W. 
07:00  Joseph W.
07:30  Daniel S.
08:00  Julia S.

Friday, May 17 
05:00  Michael C. 
05:30  Eric N.
06:00  Matt M.

Saturday, May 18                                                                                                             
10:00  Nate A.
10:30  Toni A.
11:00  Adriana G.
11:30  Paul S.
12:00  Julie
12:30  Erin S. 






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